07-08 Apr. Sunny Mantle Fire Rocket took a part in WCF Cat Show. His results: BEST KITTEN of both days.
Look at Rocket`s Show video

Thanks a lot for Chiara Vittoria Parodi (Solarian cattery, Italy) for our new girl Solarian Sunkarma of Sunny Mantle.
Sunkarma is a daughter of our kitten Sunny Mantle Joker of Solarian.
02-03 Oct. Sunny Mantle Tornado take a part in WCF Cat Show. Our results: 1st place on WCF-Ring of kittens and juniors, Best junior, 2nd place in Breeders` Choice.

09/05/2010 our Skeemen Really Chilly and Skeemen Dazing Flame presented us one fawn kitten. We named her Reina de la Luna.
Some new pictures of Sunny Mantle Evolution

Solar photosession of the solar boy

Thanks for owner of Sunny Mantle Evolution for new pictures.

We have a news. Our HighGaitPaws Lorelei and Skeemen Dazing Flame presented us three ruddy kittens - girls Twiggi and Tiffanie and boy Tornado.

Our family thanks Mindy Condon warmly.We will show photos of our new female HighGaitPaws Amber Lee soon.
Congratulate our Sunny Mantle Evolution and his owner Natalia Samsova with success on TICA rings and finals of Russian Safari 2010.

27 August 2009, We have got kittens from HighGaitPaws Lorelei and Skeemen Dazing Flame. Our result - 4 males (ruddy and sorrel). Foto
TICA CAT SHOW (Korean Cat Club, 14 June 2009, South Korea). HighGaitPaws Lorelei was very successful, got 4 finals, new title. We were glad to meet Fin Bhearas`s male and Loup Blanc`s male.

WCF SHOW, Vladivostok 2009 April 5th - HighGaitPaws Lorelei became THE BEST short female CAT on Show.
WCF SHOW, Vladivostok 2009 April 4th - HighGaitPaws Lorelei became THE BEST CAT on Show.

TICA CAT SHOW, Moscow 2009 February 15th - HighGaitPaws Lorelei became GRC HighGaitPaws Lorelei
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